MapLab paper


MapLab: An Extensible Software Package for Analysis of Multichannel ECG Recordings.
Mark Potse, André C. Linnenbank, and Cornelis A. Grimbergen.
In: Proceedings of the 20th annual international conference of the IEEE EMBS. pp. I-59-62, October 1998.


This paper is a bit obsolete. If you really want to read it, click here please.

The more recent paper that appeared in the September 2002 issue of Computer Methods and Programming in Biomedicine may be more informative.


Analysis of multichannel ECG recordings (body surface maps and endocardial maps) requires special software. Both interactive usage of a fast and robust user interface and batch job processing for the analysis of large amounts of data is necessary. In addition, the package should be user-extensible, because new techniques for the analysis of multichannel ECGs are continuously under development, and it should not take very much time to develop. We wrote a package using an interactive computational program (MATLAB). The package includes routines for both common and experimental data processing tasks, as well as an extensive user interface. Sources are well documented using the WEB system, and available to the users. Any part of the package can be changed by the user, and new parts can be added. The package is used by its authors and several researchers from associated research groups.


This work was supported by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW under grant no. AGN 66 4098.