Software by Mark Potse

Digitalis Purpurea
The WEBFILES package
macros for inclusion of literate programs in LaTeX documents
a literate programming system for the Matlab language
software for analysis of multichannel ECG data. Currently in use at about 10 academic research groups worldwide. This is copyrighted software; e-mail me for a license, snatch the user manual in PDF format, or read the paper.
a LaTeX macro package and accompanying Perl script which create a nicely formatted page backreference list for a bibliography, like: "Cited on pages 6, 42, 110-112".
a set of tools for frobnication of BibTeX databases. This set includes tools for conversion from Reference Manager and Ovid to BibTeX format, and for convenient printing of a complete database.
propag is the central piece in a large software base that is sometimes referred to as "the Montreal heart model." It is a highly configurable reaction-diffusion model for cardiac propagation that can run either in monodomain or bidomain mode. Propag is used most often for simulations with a human-heart model, but it has been used for simulations ranging from single-cell to a two-billion-node bidomain. This kind of software is not suitable to give away, so I do not make compilable source code available online. However, some examples of documented source code are available here .
[source code examples] [more about the heart model]
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